Renee M. DeLuca is the daughter of pioneer microbrewer ​​ Jack McAuliffe, the founder of the New Albion Brewing Company, born in Sonoma, California in 1976.

In 2013, Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Company revived Jack’s flagship brew, New Albion Ale, the first American Pale Ale.  Jack and Renee are now brewing New Albion Ale with Platform Beer Company in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been writing a blog called The Brewer's Daughter at since 2010. 

Renee grew up in Maryland and has lived in Ohio for more than 30 years. She says the craft beer scene in Ohio, New York and across the country has exploded, and it’s all because her father had a great idea for brewing and distributing flavorful beer made in small batches. You can find Renee on Facebook as The Brewer's Daughter and on Twitter @brewersdaughter.

Don't miss this special appearance where she will talk about her father, the craft brew history and it's bright future in America and elsewhere.